Kevin Jackson

(b 1954United Kingdom. Lives and works in London)

“My work is guided by the intellectual act of conceptualization. The inspiration comes from its narrative, which creates a flow. Sometimes it evokes specific emotions and some series are based on the study of a form, while others come from a close observation of reality. Any chosen subject is just a departing point to explore the relationship between shapes, colours and materials. A former printer and printmaker, I am interested in series and multiples. From one concept, my work results in an incredible number of variations. The emotional charge of each piece is different and consequently, the response of the viewer changes as well. This aspect excites me. Every explored idea brings me to the next project. I love to choose the technique which fits my intuition the best: watercolour, dry pigments, wax, pencil, acrylic... on paper or canvas. I mix media, and images range in size from almost miniature, to larger works. “

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