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With our team located in two of the world’s most socially captivating and culturally engaging cities, we are able to assist a global audience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Art Gazette determines the price of artworks by the quality, uniqueness, scale and the stage an artist is at in their career. Art Gazette tends to buy work ranging from A4 to A0, with the price increasing by approximately 25% with each step-up in size (from A4 to A3, for example). There is no standard mark up because the selling price depends on the nature and scale of the project the work is selected for. However, generally we try to achieve a 60/40% split after costs in Art Gazette's favour to reflect the fact that Art Gazette is buying at risk with no guaranteed resale.
Proposals go before the Art Gazette's panel comprised of arts professionals, and artists will normally receive feedback within seven working days. Art Gazette will make an offer for the selected works based on quality, uniqueness, scale and the stage an artist is at in their career. Artists are paid within 10 working days of the artworks having been received and checked.
Prices of artworks are not shown on our website and are only discussed with clients that are buying ten or more works for their spaces. This is a confidential process that will not affect the market value of your work.
The artist retains copyright. Art Gazette acquires image rights when it buys the work in order to reproduce the artwork on our website, social media and for other marketing purposes from time to time. Please see our terms and conditions.
Artists should make their first proposal ten or more works in order to give Art Gazette good insight of their practice, but thereafter the quantity can vary, but ideally no less than eight. Artists can send through proposals as often as they wish, however there is no obligation to do so every month and no deadline.
It is the artist’s responsibility to package and ship the artworks to Art Gazette. However, Art Gazette will pay any import duty and taxes. If work is declined it will usually be based on quality or condition / damage in transit. In which case the work will be rejected, and the artist would need to arrange for the return of the work to their studio. Please see packaging guidelines.
Art Gazette acquires unique, mainly 2D wall-based works in a variety of media, though this may vary from time-to-time. For example, we have recently acquired digital media and wall-mounted sculpture. Art Gazette acquires any works ranging from A4-A0 and they do not have to be an exact size within this range. There are also notable exceptions that are both smaller and larger than this range. In order to keep transit simple and affordable Art Gazette prefers artworks to not be framed.
Art Gazette is interested in working with anyone who appreciates the power of art and wants to create uplifting environments. Art Gazette works with a wide range of businesses and individuals, including large and smaller corporations, shared work-spaces, premium hotels, restaurants and homeowners wishing to create thoughtful hangs and installations of ten or more artworks.
Juanito Romario Featherstone

Emerging Artists to invest in

Buy from the career artists we believe in. By supporting emerging artists we allow them to continue creating art while we supply it to tastemakers.