Art Gazette is a curated platform of available international contemporary fine art, assisting designers & trade associates in creating inspiring public and private spaces.

Founded in 2019, by an artist and an art obsessed entrepreneur, our intention was, and still is, to support artists’ practices, while making original contemporary fine art available to a larger audience. Today, we work with more than 600 artists from over 30 countries.

A trade focused platform for designers & associates

Use our online platform to browse through & buy from our diverse range of contemporary artworks in different media, genres, themes & artists from around the world.

Once registered, designers & trade associates can make independent selections of their own or draw on Art Gazette’s curatorial expertise and request our team’s assistance to create a unique selection of artworks specifically for their projects, at no additional cost, whilst qualifying for a trade discount, starting at 20%.

London & Cape Town

With our team located in two of the world’s most socially captivating and culturally engaging cities, we are able to assist a global audience.

Since Art Gazette owns its inventory, artworks can be released within hours from placing your order.

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Our inventory

Art Gazette purchases artworks in volume, often in series, directly from artists, on a regular basis. This assists artists in sustaining their art practice, and supports many galleries in continuing to build their representing artists’ careers.

Artists and artworks go through a rigorous reviewing process. We have an experienced selection committee of international artists, curators and collectors to help build a diverse and world standard inventory.

Supporting artists & playing our part in sustaining the art ecosystem

Art Gazette is unique in supporting artists’ practice by providing them with an online platform to freely submit artwork for consideration, while acquiring up-front and in series for our inventory.

We acquire artworks, starting at A3 (42 x 30cm / 16 x 11in) in any medium, unframed and unstretched.

Selected artists can present any number of works to our panel through their private artist portal on our website.

We aim to regularly acquire multiple works, but this varies depending on the quality of work submitted and demand from Art Gazette clients. Every artist that registers on our platform will be allocated a professional liaison for all queries and correspondence.

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What sets us apart?

We recognise that there are many online art platforms around the world, but none that presents a fully curated portfolio of art that is owned by the business itself, and which pays artists upfront.

As Art Gazette purchases all the art in its inventory directly from selected artists, there is no pre-sale consignment of artworks, no agent, and no additional administration between artists and third parties.

Also, because the relationship is ongoing, but not binding on either side, artists are free to produce series of works for Art Gazette as and when their time allows.

As part of our commitment to artists, all Art Gazette
clients are obliged to pay 15% of the proceeds of sale
in the secondary market of any artwork sold within a
5-year period from acquisition to the artist.

We believe in their curatorial integrity and the way they sustain and support the art ecosystem.

Elana Brundyn
Former CEO of Norval Foundation
Board member of Aspire Auctions