Toni Harrower

(b 1991United Kingdom. Lives and works in Buckie)

Harrower’s paintings follow a system and a basic set of self-imposed rules, which determine colour, composition and scale. Working from a colour-coded alphabet, the titles for each painting are his starting points for working from left to right, top to bottom of the work.

Exploring the physicality of paint in-line, Harrower works in a deliberately repetitious manner, creating individual patterns and geometric shapes that form a grid-like structure. The grids provide a level of control over the paint which is otherwise unrestricted. As the paint builds up it gains depth and weight; gravity and so a converse lack of control comes into visual play. “In many ways the paintings relate to uncontrollable events that happen in life,” says Harrower, “ imply the notion of the mind – and of life - falling apart.”

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