Sam Jackson

(b 1997United Kingdom. Lives and works in Bournemouth)

“The works on paper explore and feed into my paintings - they at once begin and interweave with the paintings and form a relationship to grow and dialogue to develop between them. The beauty of painting as image, then played out with dreams and thoughts that oscillate through materials and application to bring together a ‘state / space’ that allows the viewer to be at one, to be taken away to a lucid world, where it’s both real and un-real.

Sub-conscious thoughts, moments, lyrics and text permeate the works so that the viewer is seduced and can ‘feel’ the work the same way that music can transport us to a different place, time and moment and recall an innate connection, oneness with something or someone- a different world- a different history-a different time- wherein fantasy, desire, memory, emotion and the spiritual interweave and leave a legacy in the mind and heart”.

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