Monique Prinsloo

(b 1984South Africa. Lives and works in Tamboerskloof, CPT)

Since 2017, Prinsloo has steadily been exploring printmaking as her medium of choice, following years of a predominantly photographic practice. These particular monotypes are experiments as a result of lockdown, and she has been continuing and extending the series whilst considering some larger format prints. The portraits and figures that transpire from her monotypes arise as a result from a poetic meditation on the human form. As a result, she has been exploring the relationship between the abstraction of the human form she is presenting on paper, and what the viewer’s eye believes it is seeing.

Interested in the spontaneous act of swift mark-making processes and their outcome, Prinsloo remarks; "I admire the viewer’s interpretation of these gestures transferred to paper. It leaves room for contemplation and the viewer’s imagination to enter a parallel poetic meditative space that in turn emphasises my own."

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