Michal Raz

(b 1984Israel. Lives and works in London)

Michal Raz's practice involves painting, screen printing, digital printing and collage . Her works may be grasped as a continues research of ethnology, pattern making, ornamentation, abstract art, pop culture and digital aesthetics, avoiding any final definition or a linear narrative, nor imposing any fixed idea or absolute conclusion. Raz's interests and sources of inspiration varies from Eastern philosophies, art history, pop culture, feminist art, music, the digital age, and more. Her paintings are made by layering and accumulating different ways of making and materials, many times until the point of exhaustion, a meeting point between abstraction, decoration and imagery, stripped down combinations, repetitions, and re/de-constructions.

"In my work, there’s an attempt to represent excess, where there’s too much going on to be assimilated, and therefore, things are not coherent."

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