Long Huang

(b 1994China. Lives and works in london)

My work is eager to imagine and reshape what is known or unknown. I’m not using images as a reference, because this will make the subjectivity take the initiative in the painting. For me, the motivation of creation depends more on the subconscious behaviour. It can be a certain detail in the image, a certain posture of a character, a certain sentence in a paragraph, is a moment that is not fully recorded, and the best way to record them is to summarise them in phrases. When I see these phrases, they will gradually connect, improvise the movement of forming their own rhythm, and reappear in the form of poetry. The creation at this time is based on a strong personal emotion and absolute freedom, and a self-reflection created with a strong desire and longing for something. I think painting is a poetic self-filling process. The final image presented on the canvas does not necessarily need to be absolutely clear, it can be interpreted or even the opposite. It can be a desirable incompleteness, a continuous presentation. This process is also a strong expression of melancholic emotion, a constant feeling of absence and a desire for presence.

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