Laura Basterra Sanz

(b 1979Spain. Lives and works in Brussels)

Transcribing her interior world in paint, Laura Basterra Sanz creates intuitive and naïve compositions of personal significance. For her, each colour resonates with a shade of emotion; each shape is evocative of a mood, be it sharply angled or gently curved. Her collected canvases reveal the changeable nature of being – some bold and brightly hued, others muted and muddied – which together aim at revealing the many shifting facets of a single self.

“The way I express myself is pretty intense and polarised, extreme at times, and emotional. Colours can be bright, light, bold, pure, clear, honest and direct. I use a lot of yellow. I like to think that I add a little bit of the sun when mixing my colours. I could say that I need every element or colour to exist for itself, and then collaborate with others…When I'm more relaxed colours will fade to grayscale, the in-betweens of pure light and the utter darkness.”

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