Shane Bradford

Shane Bradford in studio
TMI Loophole 1
Domestic Gloss #16

Tell us about the works Art Gazette has recently acquired from you:

Art Gazette’s platform inspired me to return to a technique I was developing a few years ago where I used old clothing and second-hand soft objects, such as teddy bears, to execute a type of mono-print painting. The resulting works for Art Gazette are constructed with women’s lingerie (washed).What the psychology of that is you’d have to ask my therapist...

For me it refers to body-architecture, vestige, story-telling, gender roles, tension (sexual and otherwise) and ultimately just creating interesting marks.

Where would your dream studio be and what would it look like?

I’m pretty content with the studio I have now. It’s the top floor of an old print workshop in Borough, London. I’ve been there for nearly nine years.

Shane Bradford's Studio
Mona Lisa

If you could own any artwork in the world, which would it be?

Probably the Mona Lisa, then I could sell it and buy lots of good art from people who could actually use the cash.

Select one work you admire from the Art Gazette inventory

I’m a fan of Will Cruickshank’s work, particularly A3 Car Jack Mono Print 7. I identify with the layering process and the connection of the sublime to the everyday natural chaos of life.

A3 Car Jack Mono Print 7, Will Cruickshank
Domestic Gloss #29

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

I would love to be an orchestra musician, maybe play the kettle drums or the cello. Failing that I would try to be an ice cream man. But let’s face it, I am totally in love with my job.

If you could be transported inside any artwork, which would it be?

I can’t help seeing Mark Rothko’s Seagram Mural paintings at the Tate Britain representing the gates to the afterlife. Perhaps I will be transported inside of them soon enough.

Rothko Room, Tate
Domestic Gloss #10

Why do you choose to work with Art Gazette?

I like to let circumstances indicate and affect the direction of my work. Art Gazette coincides brilliantly with another project of mine, Assembly Line, which incorporates the concept of art multiples.

Amongst other things Assembly Line, like Art Gazette, aims to provide an extra means of regular financial support for artists. We operate a shared sales revenue so that every contributing artist receives a percentage of sales no matter who sells what. Follow @assembly_line_official for more info!

Favourite emerging artists?

People who have caught my eye recently are Kate Groobey and Sissel Marie Tonn. I also think Hannah Rowan is fantastic.

Bradford's Studio

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