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Multispec 'Form 3'

Tell us about the artworks Art Gazette has recently acquired from you

Art Gazette has acquired works from my series Camèr 2018, which was created during a stationing with the Australian Rural Fire Service as an aerial helicopter cameraman. This body of work culminated in a photographic series of UV pigments printed on copper plates that reference the photographic negatives. During this time, the onset of isolation and boredom led me to delve deep into my surroundings. This exploration became a point of relief and amusement as this daily action became a cathartic process. Moreover, it became an exercise in documentation, representation and narrative.

As well Camèr, Art Gazette bought some preliminary UV pigment print works from Multispec 2020. This series has since turned into a body of work involving AR models, sand-cast aluminum works and UV pigment prints on aluminum plates.

This series was produced from 2–15kb sized thumbnails of mis-interpolated PDFs found through Google Images. These images examine what upcycled online data detritus could look like when sand-cast, 3D modeled and mechanically printed in a physical form.

Would you describe your process as chaotic or methodical?

My process is extremely methodical. There is a lot of pre-planning and visualization that goes into my work before it is created as I often work with fabricators to make the finished artwork.

Many of my pieces require me to work with a metal fabricator to mechanically fold, bend and manipulate the metal. Then a hydro dipper to transfer the artworks onto the metallic form before finally an automotive painter coats and seals the entire work.

Blue Lagooon A New Memory Go Slow

Select one artist you admire from the Art Gazette inventory and why.

Cameron Platter was one of the first artists I saw in South Africa that really changed my perception of the South African art scene. His work Solid Waste 2020 at WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery really grabbed me as it is polished while also having a kind of a naïve aesthetic.

What inspires you?

I have been quite influenced by the construction world, namely high-end fabrication. I like to recontextualizes the precision quality finished of these utilitarian forms.


What excites you about the art scene where you live?

I think there are benefits and challenges with the art scene in Sydney. It is smaller than many other major city’s art scenes around the world, but simultaneously, this is also a positive because if you’re doing something interesting, you’ve got a higher chance of recognition and awareness.

However, due to its smaller nature, it makes the system quite ferocious. If you do not work, produce work, and make money from your work, you're out. So, it really kind of instills a hunger in most artists. To that point, it does make art in Sydney more commercial. This means that a lot of the artworks in this area and country are safer due to their commercial qualities. Which is a bit of an issue for stifling the expansion of artistic creation.

Who are your top three artistic heroes and why?

A new favorite of mine is Donald Judd. I just love his use of minimalistic form and the precision of his work. I think his style of making really matches my own and I can draw a lot of similarities in his process. Namely the kind of fabrication level quality of his metal manipulation and the minimalism in the presentation and installation of the works.

Secondly, I really love Australian video artist, Shaun Gladwell. Again, I admire the simplicity of his video works and the technical installation used in his exhibitions. He opened my mind up to how you can create an atmosphere through very simple mediums through video and very well-selected audio. Seeing his work as a young man really changed my approach to how I saw the world and materials, in relation to art.

The third would be Rothko. I just love his forms. His ability to portray so much emotion and energy through such abstract minimal form was outstanding.

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Camér 'Radial'
Camér 'Radial'

Why did you choose to work with Art Gazette?

It’s a great opportunity to work internationally and enables me to keep strong professional and personal connections. Art Gazette also boasts a very impressive collection of artists, so to be associated with these artists is quite a privilege and an honor.

Farnaz Gholami

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