Morrissey & Hancock

Morrissey & Hancock 2021

Patrick Morrissey
Morrissey utilises a modular language to promote an appearance of gradual mutation. Permutating numerical sequences are used in the process of creating images which are febrile, seemingly operating between two and three dimensions. In every instance, the intention is not to present an identifiable focal reference point, but rather,to induce in the viewer, a visual and physiological saturation of consciousness.

Hanz Hancock
Hancock’s work is derived from the use of numerical sequences that create a rudimentary code which ultimately creates variable, mandala-like imagery in his drawing, painting and constructions. Structures that form in the close mesh of drawn lines coalesce and dissipate, and are metaphors for the transient nature of geometric form found in the natural and built environment.

Both artists work individually and also share common practice.

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