The founders of Art Gazette imagined a world in which they were able to support young emerging and established talent to embrace their craft full-time through an acquisition program of their works. To date, Art Gazette has worked with over 600 artists from over 30 countries.

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A platform for art enthusiasts & creative professionals

Unique to Art Gazette is a user-friendly, sophisticated online platform to browse through & buy from our diverse inventory of contemporary artworks in different media, genres, themes & artists.

Once registered, users can make independent selections of their own, checkout thereafter and receive a trade discount. All artwork is readily available from Art Gazette as we own the inventory on our platform.

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What sets us apart?

We recognise that there are many online art platforms around the world, but none that presents a fully curated portfolio of art that is owned by the business, and which bought artworks upfront.

There is no pre-sale consignment of artworks, no agent, and no additional administration between artists and third parties.

Unlike traditional consignment models, Art Gazette directly purchased all the artwork in our inventory from selected artists that we believe in. By taking the risk of purchasing the works upfront, we prove our confidence in the quality and value of the pieces in our collection.


We believe in their curatorial integrity and the way they sustain and support the art ecosystem.

Elana Brundyn
Former CEO of Norval Foundation
Board member of Aspire Auctions