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Bella Knemeyer
Lately, I’ve been exploring paper sources at the end of their material cycle, ‘obsolete’ car and printer manuals, a tax return and phonebooks.
Orson Heidrich
The series, Camèr, was created during a stationing with the Australian Rural Fire Service as an aerial helicopter cameraman.
Simon Linington
We’re working to show the public the many changes the surrounding environment has undergone, and the impact of those changes.
Arta Raituma
I feel truly inspired every time I do fire juggling. The sound of flames hissing in the air is powerful and mesmerising.
Swain Hoogervorst
I love looking at images or my environment and noticing how it can be broken down into shapes, forms and colours.
Vesna Vrdoljak
Nature inspires me, especially the mountains and the sea. Trees. Colours of fall. Shadow and light. Stones, different kinds of rock.
Micha Serraf
In both the photographic works on exhibition at OPEN 24 HRS and the drawings which Art Gazette have acquired, there is a…
Eliel David Pérez Martínez
Living in Venice completely changes people's habits as it is a place without cars and with a very particular rhythm of life. The workspaces, the…
Clarisse d'Arcimoles
Photography is a fragment of time and space within the image’s frame.  It is a suspended moment presented for our contemplation.…
Norval Foundation

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